About the Playwright


KZFrazier Drama, LLC, is a veteran and family-owned theater company based in Central Texas. The owners: social worker, playwright and director, Kerry-Ann Frazier and former Army Captain, producer and operational manager Daryl Frazier’s vision for the company is to Impact, Influence, Inspire, Educate and Empower using creative arts.

The company produces original stage plays. Kerry-Ann Frazier is a skilled writer and director with over 20 years experience in community and church theatre. She has been acting, dancing, and writing since she was five years old. She received her spiritual download at the age of twelve and really became serious about the arts; writing poetry, short stories, and plays. At fourteen, Kerry-Ann composed, wrote and produced her first full-length play for her church and received rave reviews. She started writing on a regular basis which eventually developed into a passionate ministry. Her writing is a result of years of study and matriculation.

Kerry-Ann is also a national speaker and author. She utilizes her experiences as social worker to bring issues to light on stage; educating the community in family violence, child abuse, mental health concerns, and chronic poverty. Kerry-Ann has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland with a focus in Education and Psychology, a Master’s degree in Education, Training and Facilitation from the University of Phoenix; and a Master’s degree of Social Work from the University of Southern California. Kerry-Ann has also directed award-winning short films… She is also a published author of: “An Exploration of My Thoughts,” “Hineni: The Drama Minister’s Response to the Call,” and “Restored: From Mourning to Dancing.”

The Company continues to grow successfully: Since the formal launching of the company, every stage play has been sold out. The company is 100% funded by the Frazier’s as well as community sponsors. KZFrazier Drama donates 10% back to the community to support Family Violence/Sexual Assault shelters, CASA Foundation, and March of Dimes.

KZFD is on the move: Together Daryl and Kerry-Ann reaffirm the goal of the company is to impact the community, the state, and the nation one play at a time.