Four Women

Encore presentation! This dramatic piece is filled with life and laughter. The original song “Four Women” by Nina Simone takes four stereotypes of black women and sings about them as if they are real people. While it serves to criticize the stereotypes, “Four Women” is also a tribute to real women. This stage play will do just that, bring the real struggles, vulnerability, and triumphs of four women to life on stage.

Sat, Feb 1, 2020 @ Killeen Arts & Activities CenterTickets on sale now!

Let's Talk It Out Episode 1

What do you do when you and your well educated, highly driven girlfriends who are also strong community advocates with a gift of gab get together? You create a forum to discuss issues within communities. Join me and my girlfriends, on our new forum “Let’s Talk It Out!”

Episode 1Let's Talk It Out

Friend Request (feature films)

This is a film about the ‘very hush-hush’ human trafficking industry. It will bring awareness to this multi-billion dollar scourge! A few teenage girls agree to accept a friend request, but they have no idea who is really on the other side. A casual meeting turns their worlds upside down.

Coming to Amazon Prime Video soon!Friend Request part 2 in production

Running (short film)

Running is a moving short which depicts a male running from life but he finds there is nowhere to run. He begins running as a young man fearing the unknown and he continues running until he finds peace in love. His love is suddenly disturbed when he realizes that he is still running. He finds himself in a dark place where he sees other men enslaved, immobilized, and there is nowhere to run.

Coming to Amazon Prime Video soon!

Kerry-Ann Z. Frazier

Facilitator, motivational speaker, published author, screen and stage playwright, and actress.

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